Sprint Retrospective 1 – Libre Food Pantry

The first sprint for the Libre Food Pantry software went very well for the most part. Since it was a spike sprint, it was mostly looking up tutorials, making sample projects, and brainstorming ideas. My main role for this project is to create the backend of the reporting system, using a sever to take JSON data sent to a message queue from the guest info system and the inventory system and store the data in a MongoDB database. This data will be used for the report sent to the Worcester County Food Bank.

What worked well for me was that I found a great tutorial on Node.js with Express which also shows you how to connect to and use a MongoDB database. This tutorial gave me a great foundation on how to run a server and handling HTTP requests. The tutorial had great explanations of why we are doing each thing step by step while other tutorials lack such explanations and just show you how to do whatever you are trying to do. From this tutorial I made a To-do list web application using Express, MongoDB, Ajax (Ajax code was provided from a source), Mongoose, and EJS(Embedded JavaScript) as practice for the Libre Food Pantry backend and also to make my skill/understanding more solid by practicing everything I learned from the tutorial. This also gave me a reference to look back on if I ever forget how to do a certain thing.

What did not go so well was my understanding of the project as a whole/how it all fits together. Studying the architecture of the project a few times did not do it for me. It took a while but learning Express, eventually asking my teammates about the technologies they are working with, how they fit in with the rest of the project and studying the architecture again after each new piece of knowledge finally helped it all click.

Some things my team and I could improve on would be to be more interactive on GitLab. By the time we made a repository to upload all of our progress, it was more than half way through the sprint. This meant that we could not review what our teammates were doing and have an understanding of our progress as a team. Also, our communication and teamwork could have improved as well. Instead of working on individual sample projects, we all should have worked together on a single sample project using everything that we learned. This would have been a better learning experience for us since that is what we will be doing eventually for the main project. We also could have had better communication with the product owner. I felt at times that not just me but my whole team was confused or stuck with what was wanted/expected from us. Towards the end of the sprint we eventually asked the product owner some important questions that really helped us move forward for the next sprint. Since we were mostly learning the foundation for new technologies this sprint it did not necessarily effect our productivity, but our motivation and confidence.

A change that I could make as an individual is to improve on communication. I felt that I did not have a good understanding of the technologies that my teammates were researching and how they intertwined with what I was working on. For example I did not understand what RabbitMQ was and what it had to do with the project when all I had to do was ask my teammate researching it to explain. Eventually towards the end of the sprint I did this and it helped my understanding of the project greatly.


https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/reportingsystem/new-sample-project/-/tree/main/Backend/NodeJSTutorial/NodeJSPractice – Repository where I uploaded files from each tutorial video.

https://gitlab.com/LibreFoodPantry/client-solutions/theas-pantry/reportingsystem/new-sample-project/-/tree/main/Backend/TodoListApp – Repository holding files for the to-do list web application

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4cUxeGkcC9gcy9lrvMJ75z9maRw4byYp – The tutorial I used for my sample to-do list app.

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