Maven Overview

Today I will be writing about Maven using information from the article Maven-Overview by TutorialsPoint. Maven is a project management tool giving a complete build process framework. Mavens objective is to provide a comprehensive, reusable and maintainable model for projects and to provide plugins and tools to interact with this model. Since Maven uses a standard directory layout and default build lifecycle, development teams can quickly set up their project builds. When you have multiple development teams Maven can create a standard build structure for all teams to use. This promotes consistency across the project while developers create reports, builds and testing automation setups. Maven gives a way for developers to manage builds, documentation, reporting, dependencies, SCMs, releases, distribution and mailing lists. Mavens project structure is declared in in the pom.xml file. POM stands for Project Object Model and contains the fundamentals of the entire Maven system. This pom.xml file is similar to the build.gradle file we have seen/used in class. Some features of Maven include its ability to generate a website or PDF including complete documentation, backwards compatibility, automatic parent versioning so that there is no need to specify in the sub module, parallel builds achieving performance improvements of up to 50%, and improved error reporting.

This topic relates to class because it is a software project management tool, which can be very useful to developers. We often used Gradle in class which is a similar concept. I selected this article from TutorialsPoint because it is a useful website for quick references, overviews and tutorials. It is similar to w3schools which is another website I use often for quick tutorials, references, etc.. I would say that the information is reliable, just more shallow as it does not dive deep into topics. I would not use it as the only source when trying to learn a certain subject in depth as you will not get a deep understanding of the material. As an overview though, I would say it is perfect. I personally had an okay understanding of Maven as I had used it a couple of times but never knew the finer details as to how it is different from other project management tools. Some things I had learned from this article are its many features including its use for reporting and documentation. I plan to use project management tools for future projects, so it is good to know the differences and know which one is the right one to use.


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