This post today is about AngularJS based off of the article AngularJS-Overview by TutorialPoint. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications that was developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. Its latest version 1.2.21 is now maintained by Google. AngularJS lets you use HTML as a template language and then allows you extend the the syntax to express application components. It is a framework used to build large scale and high performing applications that are easy to maintain. General features include that it is open source and licensed under Apache license version 2.0, it is an efficient framework able to create Rich Internet Applications (Web apps that are able to perform the normal features and functions of normal applications), provides an option to write client side applications using Javascript under an efficient Model View Controller method, and AngularJS is cross-browser compliant so that it automatically handles JavaScript for each browser. The advantages of AngularJS are that it has the ability to make single page applications in a clean way, provides data binding capabilities to HTML giving it a responsive experience, it is unit testable, uses dependency injection, gives the ability to provide more functionality with less code, and it can run on all major browsers and smartphones. The disadvantages are that it is not secure and not degradable. Since it is a framework that is JavaScript only, it is not safe so server side authentication is a must. Also since it is all JavaScript, if the user disables it, the webpage would show nothing but the basic page.

This relates to class because we were looking at the process and components that go into web applications. I selected TutorialsPoint because I have used it before for overviews, tutorials, and references. It has proven to be a reliable source to me so I do not have to worry about getting the wrong information. Their reviews online are typically very well rated with key words such as reliable, useful and helpful. I have found those three keywords to be true with this article. I had learned many things since I did not know much about AngularJS prior to reading the article. Some of these things include that it is very useful for single page applications and that it is not very secure. This is very useful for me to learn about because I am currently planning a single page web application project so it is an option for me to utilize.


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