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Law of Demeter

Todays blog is about the Law of Demeter a.k.a the Principle of Least Knowledge. This information is based off of the article, “Object Oriented Tricks: #2 Law of Demeter”, by Arun Sasidharan on the website “Hackernoon”. The law uses the Tell Don’t Ask principle which states that we may call methods of objects that are:Continue reading “Law of Demeter”


Today, I will be talking about an article titled, “MongoDB : an Introduction” by Harshit Gupta on Geeks-for-Geeks.com. This article explains what MongoDB is in a simple format by comparing it to relational databases. He explains that MongoDB is a NoSQL database meaning it is non-relational. Instead of storing data in a tabular format suchContinue reading “MongoDB”

Interface Segregation Principle

This blog is about the Interface Segregation Principle (ISP) based off of the “SOLID: Interface Segregation Principle” article by Anu Viswan. This topic relates to the course (CS343) because we will cover SOLID, a combination of principles which contains ISP.Interface Segregation Principle is about organizing your interfaces in a way where you will not beContinue reading “Interface Segregation Principle”

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